Industrial Curtain Rod (DIY)!

I have been MISSING my DIY-time. Where did it go? Life has been getting into the way of our creative projects.

I wanted to share our Industrial-style Curtain Rod and Curtain Panels from our family room makeover.  The goal was to create an inexpensive and DIFFERENT curtain rod. We too often purchase your average Ikea curtain rod because it is easy and available.  We did  decide to purchase (thanks MIL) Ikea curtain panels because you cannot beat the price for the yardage of fabric!

Curtain Rod:

Curtain rod measures approximately 8.5′ long. All pipe sizes are ½” diameter purchased from Home Depot.

Material list:

Wall flange X 3

1/4” Nipple X 3

1” Nipple X 2

3-Way Tee X 3

4’ lengths of pipe X 2

End Cap X 2

Curtain Rod:


Life with 3 - DIY Curtain Rod

Life with 3 – DIY Curtain Rod

Curtain Panel from Ikea ($59.99):

AINA Curtains, 1 pair IKEA Linen gives the fabric a natural, irregular texture and makes it feel firm to the touch.

Aina Curtains from IKEA

DIY Industrial Coffee Table:

For the full DIY Coffee Table post click HERE

Life with 3 - Industrial Style Coffee Table
Life with 3 – Industrial Style Coffee Table

We are happy with the final product and basically this thing is sturdy as H*LL since it is drilled into the studs!  We need very durable finishes with our little monkeys so it all worked out!

Hope you like it.



4 thoughts on “Industrial Curtain Rod (DIY)!

  1. wow,,love It:)) Beautiful table. Im searching for that perfect table;)but hard to find..or to expensive,, You did the right thing…wish I could. Thank you for the nice picture:)..and more inspiration/ Cathrin,Sweden

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