Saying Thank you and Goodbye

How to express feelings that are inexplicable?

This past week we lost the matriarch of our family, my grandmother. I tried to write about it. But I can’t. Maybe too soon? I can only capture it in a series of thoughts and memories.

To My Family: I can’t be any more proud of how we stick together as a family during times of happiness and times of hardship. I am thankful for my mom, my aunts, my uncles, my twelve cousins and spouses and their brood of children. Love and Peace to you all.

When I think of my grandma, I think of…



Weekend visits during my childhood.

Her screechy voice when someone is teasing her (think: any of the men in my family!). 


Her affinity for remembering dates and numbers. 

Her flower garden when I was a kid. 

Belgian Cookies.

Back rubs – taking turns – 5 minutes on the dot. 

The glimmer of happiness when she is surrounded by our family especially new babies. 

Phone conversations that abruptly end because it’s on my “dime” or she had to go (where?)!



Goodbye Grandma. I will see you again. 

Love Sarah





2 thoughts on “Saying Thank you and Goodbye

  1. Sarah, this is Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma! How we will miss her, all of the ways you mentioned, we will always love her. That’s why we are strong individually, and become more in-tuned with others. We care, and love, and cherish..
    Thank-you for your memories shared. Aunt Carol.

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