Off our rhythm

The rhythm of our household has gone off-balance.

My husband was home for 8 days due to the holidays. It was a joyous time of Christmas anticipation, new toys, lots of food and drink, relaxing cups of coffee etc.

The ugly side of the holidays is that my BELOVED routine has been shattered. The kids do not nap. They cry more. They are getting into mischief such as climbing on the coffee table, the ottoman, onto DRESSERS and out of cribs. My world has gone upside down. I do not like it. I prefer routine and order.

This makes me sound crazy but when I have three runny nosed, screaming and cranky children running around me at warp speed. I challenge you to feel differently. It is overwhelming.

I look forward to returning our lives back to normal. Preschool. Play dates. Scheduled mealtimes and nap times.

To me, schedule and routine = peace and a shaky grasp on control.

Have a great weekend!  To all my Momma friends…this week things will return to normal! 🙂


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