Packed up and all ready to go to…the backyard

It is HOT today. Sweating at 8am in the morning is not a good sign.  The babies, my son and I were all cranky.  I had to get out of here.  I packed them all up to go to Walmart.  It was a destination.

We came back feeling refreshed from our outing.  I decided I would take them outside.  It shouldn’t be a big task.  I mean the backyard is right outside the patio doors. How difficult could it be?

Keep in mind, it is not safe to leave a baby by a pool (DUH) even if it is a small, paddling pool so I had to be extra diligent and strategic (they don’t call me a house manager for nothing)!

The steps

  • Mom packs up lunch (crackers/cheese/celery/2 x sippy cups/water jug/applesauce with spoons and bowls)
  • Mom packs up diapers/wipes/change of clothes x 3/swim suits/bathing towels
  • Mom packs shoes for the boy who runs
  • Mom packs telephone & cell phone
  • Mom packs allergy medicine just in case Max breaks out in hives

Next take all of the supplies outside:

  • TRIP 1 – take out laundry basket filled with supplies
  • TRIP 2 – take out booster chair attached to chair
  • TRIP 3 – repeat for 2nd chair
  • TRIP 4 – let Isaac and the dog into the backyard
  • TRIP 5 – RUN (they are crawling around at this point) back in the house to pick up first baby and take out (strap into booster chair)
  • TRIP 6 – RUN back in the house to pick up the second baby and bring her outside (strap into the booster chair)
  • Fill up the pool, set out the lunch for the kiddies & enjoy!
  • Pack up and head back inside to cool off, feed babies and get them down for a nap

HOLY SH*T I was sweating my butt off. This is hard work! I wonder how many calories I burned?!

Have a great day!



I feel like in the last 1 week …or 2 or 3 weeks. I have taken a hiatus from all of the “extras” in my life. I have halted all projects …lefthalf-finished DIY projects sitting around waiting to be tackled…stopped responding to my personal e-mails…and stopped writing. One of my upcoming projects is to tidy up our master bedroom (and this includes a writing desk as a night stand – a place for me)!

I think the picture of my beloved eleven month old twins sums up the reason for my hiatus from all things extra.  They travel together sometimes but quite often they are headed in different directions only to meet up at the play place of their big brother.  They giggle with delight while chasing one another or playing in the kitchen curtains.  It is chaos.  They literally suck the energy right out of you.  As my husband said to me yesterday “at least they make us live each day to the fullest from 6 am on”.

The baby gates are fully in use as both twins can climb the stairs with EASE.  They are quick too.  Look away for a minute and you can bet your bottom that they will be half way up those stairs.  If I want to come downstairs (and all the kids are upstairs). I have to ask Isaac to hurry down the stairs and then pick up one baby and quickly shut the gate to block the “other one” from falling down the stairs. *SIGH*!

I look forward to taking some time in the near future to write, to think of something other than the dishes and finish some of those outstanding projects!

Maybe tomorrow…but for now I am going to bed!

Thanks for visiting.