My husband turns the BIG 3-0 this coming weekend!

I on the other hand do not turn 30 for several (alright only seven more months).

He is positive that he will not be having a mid-life crisis (maybe that happens later on). He did mention that maybe we could buy a Porsche in ten years. I think that seems like a mild case of the “mid-life” crisis.  He had better not freak out. We have way too many responsibilities and I need him!

This weekend we plan on having a few people over …no big bash this year. It may have something to do with our little blonde hair sweethearts sleeping upstairs. C’est la vie!

I do have a dream though and I hope it comes true. I would like to jet off somewhere in the fall to celebrate our 30th birthdays together (along with our fifth wedding anniversary).  I think we can. I think we can.  We better start saving our pennies now! 😉

To my husband on his birthday. I know that I do not say it enough (or at all).  I really appreciate all that you do for our children, myself and our home.  You tirelessly (with minimal complaints) plow through the list of daily “to-dos” that really never ends.  We appreciate you. Thank you for being the best husband that I could have hoped for.  Thank you for being a daddy that I/M/E can be proud of and look up to. We love you and we wish you a Happy Birthday.



A place for everything and everything in its place

I will be forever thankful that last year March 2011 that we decided to convert our then dining room into a laundry room/powder room/mudroom.  I could NOT imagine surviving these past seven months without a “catch-all” place to store the two car seats, three snow suits, six + pairs of tiny mittens not to mention the TEN plus loads of laundry that I have been washing each week.

I plan to post a before and after on our dining room turned laundry room. I have a few more items to “complete” the transformation…

When we were designing our new laundry room I had this vision of a cute bench and hooks above…my mom, Gamma found a red bench at Homesense which fit the space PERFECTLY.  We hung five hooks above the bench with the idea that each family member would have their very, own hook.  PERFECT.  I wanted to take it a step further (I still have more organizing to do…) and I found these cute bags.

Did I mention the chaos of winter clothing? I have baskets and totes all of which are meant to hold each child’s clothing (nothing is working). I decided I needed one more method.  I then took craft paint (again…Dollarama) and painted with a stencil each child’s initial. I/M/E.  I must be honest. I do not know if I ever intended on using these bags to hold their belongings. I love the idea of personalizing our new mudroom with their beloved initials (I know I know…over-emotional mother)!

Older son…

Younger son…

Baby Girl…

The three musketeers…!

Stay Tuned for our Dining Room > Laundry Room Post (this may take awhile…)! Just being realistic :P!

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Shopping avec three

Two days ago I decided that I wanted to go shopping.  I did not really need to buy anything but I wanted to browse.  Also I needed a destination to “break up” the day (if you have kids then you know exactly what I mean).  I needed a plan to get into the store.

Plan A was grab a shopping cart. Isaac and Em would sit in the children’s (it was only suited for one) seat of the cart. Max would remain in his car seat in the large basket of the cart. Uh oh. The shopping cart was 1/2 the size of regular carts. Skip to Plan B.

Plan B. I will let Isaac sit in the child’s seat. Emma will be strapped to my body using a baby sling. Max’s car seat will squish into the large part. Uh oh. The car seat won’t fit. Skip to Plan C.

Plan C. Get the hell out of there. Cut my losses and head back to Stouffville & pretend this never happened. Uh oh. Isaac is now in a fit of tears since I made a big deal about going to the store. Skip to Plan D.

Plan D. Remove the double stroller frame from the van. Max and Emma will remain in their car seats in the stroller frame. Isaac will help me push the stroller through the parking lot at which time we will locate a cart inside the store.  He will then sit in the child’s seat.  I will push the shopping cart and pull the double stroller frame behind me. Don’t forget to ignore the stares of disbelief!

And the winner is (after much consideration and a few moments of near tears) Plan D.  The result: a somewhat successful shopping trip in that we made it into the store and out of the store (did not buy a thing…not even sure if I was able to look).

The reward: head to the park & enjoy previously packed lunch!

Mr. Owl

I subscribe to Style at Home magazine. It is the last one of my fixed expenses that I truly could cut out…but…I get excited about the magazine arriving each month (similar to the weekly flyers that arrive on my doorstep [does anyone else get excited about that?]).  A trend right now in home decor is Owls. I am not sure why exactly…and all of a sudden I want one…but I have priorities like buying food and diapers and more diapers.

An example of the Owls that I am seeing EVERYWHERE!

I filed this “want” to the back of my brain and while on a shopping trip to my local Dollarama store. I spotted him.  In all of his ugly glory…

I believe I actually hid him from Andrew (I was worried he would think I had lost my mind).  I took off his nasty wings, sanded, primed and painted him in glossy white.  The finished product isn’t too bad.  I have placed him in a small corner of our newly renovated kitchen (one day I hope to write a post on our kitchen renovation once I am over the horror of it all).  As my mom says, the only corner where I can keep things perfectly neat (no one can reach the shelf). I now refer to it as my “shelf of solitude”!


Ugly Owl: $2

Sandpaper: $0 (we already had it)

Primer: $6

Spray Paint: $4

Total: $12 (but I can use the paint & primer for other DIYs)

The big reveal…..

…and on the shelf…

Ta-da!  I now have the Owl of my dreams!

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Chalkboard DIY

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