No Wheat? Now What?

Younger son, Max has been struggling for well over a month with eczema.  I have taken him to our family DR…I have taken him to a dermatologist.  Both prescribed different variations of cortisone cream.  I felt nervous to keep covering him in these medications with little or no effect on his flare-ups.  I decided to make an appointment at a Naturopath to test for food sensitivities.

His test results show sensitivity to wheat/cheese/sugar/chocolate/beer etc. Since he is almost exclusively breastfed this means that I need to decide whether or not to wean him or eliminate all of the food culprits from my diet with the hopes that his eczema improves.

All of a sudden, I am not sure what I can and cannot eat. The list seems rather long on the “Do not eat” side!  I am not opposed to making my own bread, granola and baked goods if it will improve his health.  I am very worried about eliminating sugar (upon closer inspection sugar is in everything) and cheese (it is part of my daily diet)!

No decisions have been made as of yet…


Welcome to the “The Love Brick”

When I decided to start a blog I immediately struggled about what to call my blog if you read the “About Me” section, I am a self-proclaimed uncreative type.  This blog in itself is slightly out of the box for me!

The Love Brick name is a tribute to my lovely husband, Andrew, who many years ago saved a brick from the old Grad Pub at Wilfrid Laurier University as a reminder of the place where we first met back in 2001.  How sweet! I know he is a keeper…and that is why we married in 2007.  The years have flown by with several milestones –new jobs, first and second homes, one…two…three children.

On the eve of Valentines Day (I hope we are able to stay up past 9pm), I am happy to be reminded of the evening that started me on the right path with the right partner by my side.