Easter Egg Garland

It is almost Easter!!

We have little decorations for Easter so I decided to make it into a fun afternoon craft with Older Son (craft + 2 year old boy = mommy making the craft and him drifting around the kitchen OR crashing his cars).  In the end, he said “that’s cool mom” so it was worth the effort.

Last week, I painstakingly poked kitchen string through the tiny hole on the top of plastic Easter eggs to hang on our tree out front (and yes, I am aware that some eggs do come with a string…but the upheavel it would have caused to pack them up and head to Walmart…I decided stringing up 12 plastic eggs would be easier)!

This week’s craft is a DIY Easter Egg Garland. It is the ultimate in “cheap and cheerful”.


*Paint Chips in a multitude of Easter-y type colours ——FREE (a Big Thanks to Home Depot)

*String (in the end I used dental floss) ——-FREE

*Template of an Easter Egg (found online) or free hand ——FREE

* Scissors —–FREE (we already had them)


The excitement of running around with our flimsy, little Easter Egg garland to find the perfect resting place = Priceless!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy Easter!


ps. I am feeling my strength weakening around all this CHOCOLATE and SUGAR.  I was so close to eating a whole batch of brownies under my kitchen table the other night. I love Max too much …but…would one bite hurt him? just one little bite…..


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