Farm Share

We now call ourselves “farmers”.  We aren’t. Not even close!

We signed up for a farm share at a nearby farm.  If you have not heard of a farm share or a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) it is a neat way to encourage people to eat locally as well as healthier in addition to supporting farming in your community.  You pay for a “share” upfront and commit to purchase a weekly or bi-weekly (winter months) share of farm fresh vegetables, eggs and/or meat (beef/chicken/pork).

We decided to try it out. Last Thursday our first delivery arrived at our doorstep around 5pm.  They placed our 1/2 bushel of vegetables into a cooler that I had left on our step! What service!  Our 1/2 bushel last week included lettuce, beets, carrots, tomatoes and spinach as well as two dozen eggs.  The catch is that you have to adapt to what is given to you…if you really feel like potatoes and you are not given potatoes…scratch potatoes off Sunday’s menu!  I hope it will encourage us to be more adventurous in our meal plan and the food will certainly be fresher.

We are excited to try the Farm Share experience.

Did I mention I do not like beets? Uh oh!

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If you are interested check out the website:


2 thoughts on “Farm Share

  1. Keep us updated ! I looked into this last summer but was not sure I would use all we were given (I can be super picky!) It is a wonderful way to eat local and fresh 🙂

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