Flying Solo

The plan. Andrew will come home from work. Have dinner. Take kids to Canadian Tire to buy an Outdoor Rug ( Very excited to have our covered porch re-finished for this SUMMER woot woot). Sounds simple?

2:30pm. Dinner prep begins. M & E have “solids” and snack on Cheerios while watching mommy prepare dinner. Isaac Naps.

4pm. Isaac wakes up and runs around like a maniac. Daddy arrives home. Dinner preparation ends. Dinner is served by…

5pm. Family eats dinner.  M & E are thankfully entertained by Older Sons’ “antics”.

5:20pm. Family finishes dinner & Andrew says “Why don’t you go shopping by yourself and I will take the kids on a walk?”


Sarah:” Um. Okay. That would be nice (the plan has changed)”. By myself? How long can I take? What will I do? Will they be fine? When did I last feed them?

5:30pm Sarah leaves home & travels to Canadian Tire and Winners (which really is quite the treasure trove…I could really, really use some new clothes about now).

The whole time I am shopping I feel almost naked. I must have forgotten something. I have my purse. I have my car keys. I have my wallet. I take a quick peek at my hair…not horrible…not great but at least it is in a ponytail!  I am wearing a somewhat matching outfit and it is somewhat clean.  A few slobber marks from M & E.  I reach into my pockets. I pull out a toy car, a soother, a wad of scrunched up Kleenex etc. What has happened to me?

Most days I dream of being able to walk out my front door uninhibited and run errands freely.  I finally have the chance to leave the house by myself and I am a ball of nerves. I feel strange. Out of place. I feel like no one around me can possibly understand who I am …because they do not realize that I have been up since 5am with a two-year old and two eight month old babies. It is an unsettling feeling when your identity is so closely tied up with three, small people.  They belong with me and I with them!

I tell myself to calm down and enjoy this rare experience of solitude.  It is only an hour after all. There is always the nine to ten hours tomorrow while A is at work.

In the end, I found the outdoor carpet that I was looking for (20% off…woohoo). It will be perfect for little babes crawling around on summer afternoons.  *Sigh* I can hardly wait!

Summer is right around the corner…anyone else excited?!?!

Thanks for visiting.



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