A New Chapter

Today, I sat down with two copies of a six page, double-sided document entitled “Junior Kindergarten Registration”. I carefully placed each set beside one another in front of me on the desk. I wrote down my children’s names and then proceeded to … Continue reading


Confessions of a SAHM

Disclaimer: I did not write this today. I actually wrote it one year ago! Don’t feel obligated to call and wish me well today…because today is a good (read: calm) day in our home!  Dedicated to: my friends who are … Continue reading


The Morphing Mother

According to Wikipedia: Morphing is a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image into another through a seamless transition. Most often it is used to depict one person turning into another through technological means or as part of a fantasy or surreal sequence I have … Continue reading


The moment that you realize you have made it

The moment that you realize that you have made it strikes at odd times. It was early Thursday morning this past week at precisely 3:32 am.  I was awake dealing with toddler sleeping shenanigans.  My little girl did not want … Continue reading


Good Night Little Boy

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My decision has been made…

after MONTHS or YEARS of indecision, worry and contemplation…my decision has been made to take a hiatus from work for a few years to raise my three precious children into their school years. Will I regret the loss of income? … Continue reading


Any given Tuesday or Thursday…

“Any given Tuesday or Thursday” was written during our lovely Canadian winter.  I have to laugh as I remember struggling with hats, mittens, scarves, winter coats and snow pants.  Thankfully my memory of it has faded!

“(24/7) once you sign on to be a mother, that’s the only shift they offer.” 
― Jodi PicoultMy Sister’s Keeper

Any given Tuesday or Thursday

There is really no need for an alarm clock. The first cry happens any time between 4am and 6am.  The first sweet cry will lead to a second and then the patter of a three-year old’s feet.  Everyone has to be changed. Everyone has to be fed. The whirlwind of activity happens while I anxiously await the “BEEP” of the coffee maker. Please Please hurry coffee maker! Why do you take SO LONG? Lately the twins have been throwing every single meal on the floor at some point. I laugh it off most of the time but once in a while it seems enough to break me!  I look longingly at the floor that was for a short time spotless. I hear people say it doesn’t matter if the house is clean or the floor is washed. To me, it does. I don’t want a perfect house but I find a clean floor helps me stay calm and centred (Thanks Mom).

After breakfast we need to get dressed. I run upstairs and grab three sets of clothes.  I get them dressed as they twist and turn to break free. The socks are the worst. They tend to take them off before I have a chance to dress the second toddler. Meanwhile I look like a mess…my hair has not been brushed, my face has not been washed and I am wearing my pyjamas. I dash upstairs again and throw on clothes. If I am lucky I brush my hair (if I don’t hear any commotion downstairs).  I run back downstairs and get the bags ready by the door. We have to get Isaac to preschool. I dress the four of us in outer wear since it is winter.

I take all of our bags out to the van.

I carry Emma outside with Isaac running to the van and his “I can do it myself” attitude.

I buckle them into their car seats.

I RUN back inside to grab Max (who is inevitably crying by the door).  I carry him out to the van.

I buckle him into his car seat.

I run back to the house and lock the door. I scrape the ice off the van and then drive off.

I drop off Isaac to preschool.

Jump back into the van.

Drive to a play group for the twins.  I carry them both inside in addition to our diaper bag.

We play.

We go home and I feed them lunch.

I get them dressed again and back into the van.

We pick up Isaac.

I get all three kids into the house and ready for their naps (football hold the twins and screech at Isaac to RUN to the house)!

If the stars align then I get some “free” time to wash the floor or make dinner.  A couple of hours later…

Andrew walks in. Did you have a good day?

I reply: 🙂 Of course.

Have a great day!



Sunshine and Lollipops

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Easter + Milk Allergy = Nervous Mama

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