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Relay for Life – June 13, 2014 – Support Team “Stand Sure” This year I am participating in the Relay for Life, an event hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society. My extended family has experienced the heart-wrenching impact of cancer. … Continue reading

Feeding Three

I have Boy/Girl Twins.

Before they were born I was often asked would I breastfeed them.  I was puzzled by the question. Of course I would. I fed my Older Son. Why not the twins?  There would be obstacles and challenges but certainly it would be possible. Wouldn’t it?  There was the occasional flash of self-doubt but I would brush it off.

My twins are nine months old and are still exclusively breastfed (with the exception of baby solids – see baby food post).  I am not saying it is the only way or this way is better. But it is the better choice for us.

In the early days of Life with Three Under Three there are many challenges

  • Logistics – how do you hold two at a time? do you wake both babies to feed at the same time? Do they nurse on one side only?
  • Time – It is an immense time commitment to breastfeed two babies every hour on the hour
  • Physically Demanding – Just keep eating Just keep eating (I have to eat a lot of extra calories) and drinking (water that is…shhh don’t mention that glass of wine)!
  • Social Pressure to stop especially when M started to have food-related reactions
  • Lack of knowledge from the doctor – “surely you aren’t feeding them?”
  • Where do I feed them when I am out (a typical question for BF mothers)? I just take longer to complete the task.
  • No sleep (no difference if they were having bottles)!
  • Jealousy of the older sibling (it is hard to see mommy with two new babies)
  • Pressure to have the sole responsibility for feeding your babies
  • Painful (you can imagine if you have breastfed a baby before) at the start
  • Enough milk? As with feeding one you have to monitor the number of wet diapers & weight gain. There is no difference really.

There are also many advantages:

  • Wonderful opportunity to bond with each baby
  • Health benefits of breast milk
  • Tandem feeding – cut down on the time required to feed during those LONG, LONG nights at the beginning
  • Less expensive
  • No need to mix up THOUSANDS of bottles
  • Minimal planning (for example taking bottles when out of the house)
  • Personally satisfying
  • A license to EAT more 🙂 😛
The gear:
This is a double or twin breastfeeding pillow. It is HUGE. I am thankfully finished with it.  The amount of baby gear around our home is INSANE.

I feel my babies have adapted to sharing. They are quick feeders, efficient, content with one-side dining and do not usually require burping!  I feel very fortunate that I was/am able to feed my babies.  It was a good fit for us and our family.  Did I want to quit at times? Absolutely! Was I ever frustrated? Absolutely! Am I glad that I stuck with it? Absolutely!

Thank you for letting me share my experience of feeding three (five if you include preparing dinners)!