When you were One Years Old, I wrote you a tear-stained letter…

When you were One Years Old, I wrote you a tear-stained letter…

I was absolutely broken apart at the prospect of returning to work.  The night before I finished my maternity leave I crept into your room and picked you up from your crib.  I cradled you in the beautiful rocking chair that your great-aunts and uncle gave us as a shower gift and I cried. I cried. I cried and cried.  I called my mom (your grandma) after and told her it was completely wrong to leave your child. It does seem slightly dramatic now but I was literally heart-broken at the idea of leaving you my blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy alone for over eight hours that first day.

I wrote you this letter:

To my baby boy, Isaac:

One Year. How do we measure a year? I, now, measure a year by the progress and growth that I see in you. I measure in pounds and inches, smiles and frowns, words and expressions, milestones, hugs and kisses.  

Thank you for making this the best year of my life: full of ups and downs, private struggles and victories, leaps and bounds and best of all full of love between the three of us as a family.

Thank you for teaching me perspective and how to be self-less and how to accept and have confidence in myself.  I only have to look at you to know that I can do anything.

Love Mom


As you turn five, I cannot be more proud of the little man who you have become.  You are funny. Caring. Thoughtful. Mischievous. Empathetic. Energetic. Smart. A good friend. A good brother.  You ask very good questions. You care about our planet and that we are being good to our Earth. You have an amazing knowledge of Superheroes and Dinosaurs and Animals and Space! You can teach me so much already.

I am thankful to have spent these past years with you each and every day. I look forward to watching as you continue to grow!

Happy 5th Birthday Isey!


Baby Isaac and Mommy

May 2009 - Isaac's first week!

May 2009 – Isaac’s first week!








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