Goodbye Facebook: Diary

Day 1:

Feeling the “twitch” of checking Facebook on my iPhone. I even scrolled to find the Facebook icon without realizing what I was doing – thank goodness I deleted the icon.  I don’t even consider myself a HUGE facebook user. It shows me how pervasive it can be!  I need to be aware that when I have felt the urge to check my account that I have checked my email instead.  I hope to progress to a twice per day email checking habit.

Day 2:

I feel like I am missing something or someone.

Day 3:

Text messages. Check. E-mail. Check. Done.

Day 4:

Maybe I need to limit my e-mail checking habits as well. The damn iPhone is so convenient for checking e-mail…is it a good or bad thing?

Day 5 – 8:

Facebook is already seeming less and less important.

I was instantly comforted by a friend calling from my home town earlier this week. An hour spent talking on the phone and truly catching up was much more satisfying! Thanks K.W.

The whole point of saying “good-bye” is that it was never really important to me or my life. It is/was a silly habit (for me) and a matter of it’s there so let’s take a peek! I am not confident that I have “changed” and if I allowed myself I would probably over-check Facebook tomorrow.

I am looking forward to continuing my break.

I have not yet decided how this challenge will evolve past the 31 day mark.

What is a normal amount to check a Facebook page? Your email? Text messages? Do you crave more or less social media? How do you create boundaries between your real life and your virtual life? Do you feel that you need to set limits for yourself?


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