Goodbye Facebook: January 1 – 31, 2014

Goodbye Facebook – see you in 31 days…maybe.

I feel like I need Facebook. But most of the time I don’t NEED Facebook.

I  am drawn to Facebook for adult “interaction” in my otherwise kid-centric lifestyle. My usual companions include a two-year old boy, a two-year old girl and a four-year old boy.  They are great company but I do find that I crave adult interaction.  This creates an almost hypnotic reflex of checking my Facebook account. What am I checking for? What am I waiting for? What am I hoping to see? Absolutely nothing really.

There is no amount of updating my Facebook status, checking other people’s Facebook statuses that could save me from my present state of affairs.  I remember once checking Facebook while all hell was breaking loose in my kitchen. I was using it as a distraction, a coping mechanism, an outreach for help (although no one knew the need I was in).

What am I going to write? Dear Facebook Friends: Please help me escape from my children. Now.  Or would using Twitter be faster? Darn, I wish I knew how to “tweet”.

I am not against Facebook. Or status updates. I am against MYSELF using it when I don’t really want to. I don’t want to use it out of habit. I want to choose it. I want to show my kids that life outside of iPhones, the internet, television shows and specifically Facebook is possible (they are currently blissfully unaware of Facebook).  My oldest is starting to ask about iPads and angry birds. It makes me uncomfortable because they are starting to grow up too fast.

I suppose my personal Facebook ban can be considered a New Years Resolution. I want to approach 2014 in a more mindful way. But more than a New Years Resolution, I crave the reduction of background noise in life so that I can focus on what I want from this year. And I don’t really want to be scrolling through Facebook statuses for one hour per day – seven hours per week – thirty hours per month.

Happy 2014! Looking forward to a great year. 🙂


Disclaimer: My apologies in advance if I forget your birthday, anniversary or key dates unfortunately I am dependent upon reminders through social media. 

Note: If you would like to receive any notifications from this blog during my FACEBOOK BLACKOUT period (cue scary music), please “subscribe” to my blog and you will receive an email notification!


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