Good Night Little Boy

It is official. We no longer have babies who sleep in cribs.

My motherhood heart was simultaneously bursting and breaking.

I was proud of my little boy who seemed eager and ready to move into his big boy bed.

But it is yet another sign that babyhood is coming to an end in our home. And yes, I am excited but there is that small part of me that feels saddened by it.

It was a typical good night scenario (even though I thought he would require more hand-holding; or was that me?).  We pulled down the covers. He climbed into his bed. We covered him up. We said “I love you”. He said “I love you too”. And we walked out of his room.

It appears my “baby” who is my second child by birth order (10 minutes) was more ready than his own mother.

Good Night Little Boy. Sleep Tight.


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