50 Thing Challenge Update

If you are interested to read how we let go of 50 things in our home, the reasons behind why we did it and what we let go of…read this post!

The numbers:

DONATED = 6 bags/boxes and counting…

GIFTED = 2 bags worth to friends and counting…

SOLD = $300 profit

Our 50 Things:

  1. rooster Halloween decoration – donated
  2. broken serving dish with sentimental value (1) – recycled
  3. old vases (4) – donated
  4. old linens (7 placements) (4 baby blankets) (5 crib sheets) (2 mattress covers – gifted) – donated
  5. old magazines (24) – recycled
  6. clothing (Sarah) – donated
  7. engine stand – sold
  8. guitar – sold
  9. toiletries (extra bar soap/lotion/dental floss) – donated
  10. never worn necklaces and bracelets (4) – donated
  11. never worn headband (1) – donated
  12. expired medicine and vitamins – garbage/recycled containers
  13. wire baskets (2) – garbage
  14. old candle holders (3) – donated
  15. wooden license plate – donated
  16. kids toy ironing board – donated
  17. Tupperware Chopper – donated
  18. Compound Mitre Saw – sold
  19. recliner – donated
  20. floor mop – garbage
  21. baby crib – sold
  22. extra kitchen items (for example baby forks/extra measuring spoons etc.) – donated
  23. food pantry items – donated
  24. road map book of Portugal from our honeymoon – donated (We have three children; we are not flying anywhere, any time soon)!
  25. clothing (Isaac) – donated/sorted and waiting for younger son
  26. clothing (Max) – donated/gifted
  27. clothing (Emma) – donated/gifted
  28. children’s toys – outgrown/too young/broken – donated/garbage
  29. race Helmets – expired
  30. gift bags (8) (broken/crumpled) – recycled
  31. bar glasses/shot glasses/random wine glasses – donated
  32. spring jacket – never fit properly – donated
  33. children’s books – donated
  34. juice jug (1) – donated
  35. Steam mop – it reminds me every time I look at it that it was a poor purchase choice for us – donated
  36. bench cushion – donated
  37. baby crib – sold
  38. beer cosy – donated
  39. old sunglasses – donated
  40. wall clock – donated
  41. change purse – donated
  42. ratty old purse – garbage
  43. terraphone – sold
  44. wall picture (s) – donated
  45. Volvo light
  46. central vac hose – donated
  47. never used cutting board – donated
  48. welder – sold
  49. bed rail – sold
  50. magazine holder – donated


  • The emotions of getting rid of stuff are challenging. It feels inappreciative to get rid of a gift but we decided that we love the gift givers more than the item.  The item doesn’t really matter and if it is bothering us then we need to remove it from our home!  It takes up mental and physical space.
  • The biggest barriers to getting rid of stuff are the fears of “What if I need (item)” or “What will (person) think if I get rid of this”.
  • Prior to this challenge I was convinced that I had pared down our home fully. This challenge proves to me that you can keep going.  Each time that I try to de-clutter it gets more and more difficult to find things to let go of.


  • I love organizing. I love the “high” of de-cluttering. It keeps me focused and the trickle down effect is amazing.  The first step is removing unwanted items but as an added advantage it increases the function within our home.
  • It has been a great source of camaraderie between my husband and myself trying to work toward our goal.

Let me know if you decided to attempt the 50 Things Challenge. What is your progress? Do you love it? Do you hate it? In my opinion, it was well-worth the experience and effort. Not only does our home feel lighter, so do we (and not to mention our wallets are heavier…)!

I am very thankful for what I do have and that is; a supportive husband and wonderful kids!



4 thoughts on “50 Thing Challenge Update

  1. Hey Sarah! This is awesome! I feel like there’s always stuff to purge!!! I went to a seminar put on by…her name isn’t coming to me, anyways, she says it’s not a pretty analogy, but “your house has to poop”!! Love it! e Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 19:40:25 +0000 To: erinsewell@hotmail.com

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