50 Thing Challenge

I have been obsessed with reading simple living and organization books. I love them.

I was feeling really positive about how much we have de-cluttered in the past year or so until I read (or skimmed) a book called “Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life” by Gail Blanke.  I like the premise of this book more than I liked the book.   I read the introduction and thought “what if we could find 50 MORE things to get rid of”.

The premise is essentially a challenge to sell, donate, or throw out 50 things.  If you throw out 50 old magazines that counts as only (1) item. Andrew and I are currently working on our 50 Things.

Stay tuned for our 50 Thing Challenge update.

Are there things (and they are just things) that you could let go of? Maybe you look at something and it makes you feel:

  • (a) badly for buying it in the first place
  • (b) guilty for not using it
  • (c) obligated to keep it if it was a gift
  • (d) upset because you simply do not like it!

The rules are simple in order to keep an item you either LOVE it or it is USEFUL. If one of those two things are true then the item is allowed to stay in your home!

Let me know if anyone else accepts this challenge.

I guarantee you will feel lighter and won’t even miss the items that you have chosen to part with.  I suppose our path toward a “simple life” was born out of the necessity of last year’s no spend month as well as my decision to not return to the paid work force.  But the lesson of minimal consumerism and a focus on the important points of life is a good one.


Stay Tuned:

Spice Drawer Inspiration!


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