My decision has been made…

after MONTHS or YEARS of indecision, worry and contemplation…my decision has been made to take a hiatus from work for a few years to raise my three precious children into their school years.

Will I regret the loss of income? Will I regret the career advancement? Ultimately I feel that when I am older and look back I would only regret not doing this.

The monetary gain of me returning to work with the associated costs would be nominal. It would be paying $2500 per month + work related costs for SOMEONE ELSE to watch my children. We have decided that by living with less we can live MORE. It may will require the occasional “no spend month”. But who cares?

I feel 100% better to have made this decision.

What do we gain?

  • safe home environment
  • slower pace to our lives
  • the comfort that our kids are happy, healthy and taken care of

We still have a lot to learn about living on a single income in 2013 but thankfully we have the support of family and friends.

I finally let go of my preconceived notions of what I would be “missing” if I stay home and am choosing to look at what I will be gaining.

The next challenge will be how to remain myself within my new position as our house manager and family CEO. I suppose it isn’t really new but it is looking like my contract was extended.  I know I will still feel annoyed when people refer to me as “off” or “not working” because I challenge them to look after 3 kids – 4 years old and younger. It is not a holiday let me tell ya!

What does my husband think? He is very much on board with this plan & ultimately said that if I was up for it that he would prefer it. For him, he does not have to worry on a daily basis while he is at work. Our kids are with their mother. They are safe.  They are fed well and are able to make connections within the community with other mothers and their children. They have the freedom to play and learn in their own home.  My husband knows that if I went back to work right now it would be a SHIT storm.  It would be chaos.

We really had to evaluate what we want our lives to be. You only have one life. It finally clicked that I am living my life right now. That sounds strange but when you are young you tend to think I can do this or that…a hundred different things but…we live one life. Our life is now. I don’t want to spend my time doing anything else other than what I am doing right now.

My decision has been made.


2 thoughts on “My decision has been made…

  1. That is great Sarah! Every mom goes through this and there is no perfect answer – you have to do what is best for you and your family! 😉

  2. Sarah, so profound! Way to go girl. Your mom and I made that same decision many years ago and I can only speak for myself in saying “I have no regrets”. We feel that our children have turned out to be well rounded young adults. It is an amazing gift to give our children a strong sense of security, love and involvement within the community. As I approach retirement I do think about how nice it would be to have a pension but think about how rich my life is with the unconditional love of my boys and the wonderful memories we have of our growing years. You won’t regret your decision.

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