Sunshine and Lollipops

The nice weather has arrived.

This past week has been brilliant.

The kids and I have continued on with our weekly morning activities around our town and then topped it off with picnics, playing at the park or running around our backyard.  My four-year old (almost) son and daughter have spent six hours straight outside for the past two days.  They eat lunch on the deck then run back down to the yard and then run back up to the deck for dinner. We then go for an after dinner walk. Quick Bath. BED!  They are super tired.  I am tired too but I feel re-energized after a long winter of trying to entertain children who really just want to run free.

I know I have done a good job as a mother on days like this because the wash machine is full of GRAVEL and ROCKS at the bottom of the wash basin.  A sign of a busy day of playing.

I hope the image of my daughter in her frilly, pink dress playing with a yellow, steel Tonka truck in the muddy garden never leaves my memory.  She completes her look with her big brother’s Blue Jays hat (backwards of course).  She looks beautiful.

My son runs behind me with his Tonka dump truck picking up the weeds that I throw into piles.

My youngest son is more timid of the three and is excitedly reacquainting himself with the cars and trucks that have been pulled from the shed.

They all look happy and tired.

I feel happy and tired too.




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