Our life has taken a pause from normal living.

Three little people have taken over our lives or what we knew to be our lives.

I understand children turn your life upside down but lately it seems like it is getting more out of hand. How is that possible?

When the twins were newborns there were several nights where an hour and fifteen minutes of sleep would be a normal night. We would wake 8-9 times. It isn’t so bad when you think three times per baby and then two times for our toddler.

For months since the twins have been mobile our home has been overtaken by baby gates.  The top of the stairs. The bottom of the stairs. Into our laundry room.  I could use more …to keep them out of the bathrooms (it would save taking the toilet off when a night-light was flushed down the toilet…yeah that happened).

Our chairs have been on our kitchen table and island for months. Who lives like that?

The kitchen cupboards are held shut by elastic bands in lieu of child safety locks.

There are no kitchen supplies in the lower half of my cabinetry due to little hands throwing items onto the floor.

I make them sound like little gremlins. They aren’t. They are busy.  Three versus One is not a fair fight.

I make these changes not because I don’t believe in rules. We have lots of rules. But safety is the paramount rule in our house. If I can’t trust they aren’t going to climb (by “they” I mean Emma) on the table then the chairs go up. I need to keep this house running and can’t be glued to their sides for the whole day..

I dream for the day when the chairs are on the floor. I dream for the day that I don’t pull a muscle as I have to hurdle over two gates in short succession with my 10 baskets of laundry. I dream for the day when I can sleep seven or eight hours in a row. I dream for the day when I can blow dry my hair in the upstairs bathroom instead of in the kitchen so I can watch my babies.

At the same time I know that I will one day-dream of days like today. The days where there are so many hugs per day that you couldn’t possibly count.  The days of full belly laughing.  The days of staring into their sweet faces. The days where they can’t get enough of one another.

The days where my son says “I love you from the end, beginning and middle of my heart Mom”.

The memory of the chaos and frustration will fade.  The love and happiness will stay with us forever.


Enjoy. Your. Life.


UPDATE: The chairs are now off the table. The climbing has been greatly reduced and there is one less gate in this house. Slowly but surely …!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “{pause.}

  1. Such an important message and not always an easy one to remember. But I am often struck by the importance of valuing today with my kids, even with all of its power struggles and arguments because I can already glimpse back and see how fast the last 6 years has gone:)

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