Week 3: No Spend Challenge


  • Donate another bag of “stuff” and one more bag of clothes
  • Attempt to learn how to sew (one of my most avoided tasks)
  • Finish painting projects that are started in the basement
  • Family Gallery Wall to be completed and hung on the wall!
  • Reorganize the basement storage (again) since three kids grow into and out of clothes at a rapid speed!
  • Finish all (some) of those nagging tasks – loose handles and door knobs, hang pictures, tighten cabinet doors etc. those things that you hate that you even notice.
  • Rekindle my passion for reading – I now happily have a stack (virtual stack because of my Kobo) of books to read!
  • Spend time with my husband! 🙂

I suppose there is always next week to cross of some more to-do items!


  •  Fishing License $28 – An expense for an upcoming family ice fishing trip for my husband in February. His Sanity = Necessary
  • No Frills – Bananas, eggs and windshield washer fluid = $9.38


  • This would be a great time of year to take the kids swimming at the local pool!
  • It would be great to go on a date with my husband but we settled for a glass of wine by the fire.
  • Low Point – Andrew says to me with a serious face “I was looking at our budget and the only place we can reduce is by changing the car to running on vegetable oil”. Me: No. [End of Discussion]


  • Still disappointed by the total amount of spending even though we are not spending unnecessarily!
  • This challenge isn’t much different from most months aside from the lack of home renovations.
  • Note: I am getting my hair cut and hi-lighted this week but I have made it a monthly expense in order to account for the cost over the year instead of having an unexpected bill at the time of the haircut.


Previous Total =$520.78

Week #3 Spending = $37.38

Total (Variable) Spending = $558.16


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