Week 2: No Spend Challenge…maybe I should change the name of this challenge!

Week 2:

The grocery cycle is a little off because I did our 2 week shop on December 28th (December 28 – January 10).

Food & Gas are our biggest monthly variable expenditures.  We need to eat and we need my husband to drive to work!  He drives our most fuel-efficient vehicle to work unless I take the children on a road trip to visit family and friends.

Next grocery date is January 25.

Necessary Expenses:

  • Andrew’s Hair $4.30 (a bit of a cheat since he had purchased pre-paid haircuts but since this is SPIRALLING out of control already I will take it)!
  • Diesel $52
  • Grocery Trip #2 (January 11):
  • No Frills $251
  • M & M’s $14

Total spending to date: $520.78

Additional Expenses deemed unavoidable (part of our fixed expenditures for the year – and outside the scope of this challenge):

  • Dog License $30
  • Vehicle Sticker (2 Year) = $164
  • CAA Membership Renewal = $170 = $364


  • Week 2 proves that the beginning of the year is a time of  extra expenses (dog license/car sticker) and I know there are more extras coming (think: Costco Membership renewal & computer security software).
  • I am feeling a bit disappointed with the total spending already and it is only January 15.
  • I am not willing to sacrifice how we eat for this challenge hence the big 2 week grocery bill. We have a little one with allergies and we like to entertain/attend functions where you have to bring food and that is what makes our life fulfilling and fun.
  • There will be at least one more (small) grocery trip this month…yikes!


Spending to Date = $520.78

All in all we are keeping busy, enjoying our family, having fun and not suffering by not shopping or going out for recreation.

A highlight of the week was going into Walmart (cold day) and looking at toys with my son and walking out without spending ANYTHING! Boo-yah Walmart! 😛

Does this make you question how much YOU are spending versus how much you THINK you are spending?!?!

Thanks for visiting.


My little actor below with our GIANT No Frills receipt…!

Life with 3

Life with 3 – The 2-week grocery bill!

Life with 3 - Grocery Bill

Life with 3 – Grocery Bill


One thought on “Week 2: No Spend Challenge…maybe I should change the name of this challenge!

  1. Just keep at it… when you are so mindful of what you are spending, in the end it will show! Those unavoidables are that… unavoidable and can not get you down.. you are doing really well though!

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