Week 1: No Spend Challenge Update

Week 1:


  • Have LOTS of fun without spending money other than food and entertaining! Booked several play dates and a sleep over for my nephew. This isn’t about removing yourself from life but enjoying it fully (and getting us back on track at the same time).
  • De-clutter the house – removed and donated a few bags of “stuff”.
  • Sold a few large items and generated $295. This $ will be used to finish off the family room and paint Emma’s Room.
  • Take a big sigh of relief. Time to enjoy what is truly important in life without having to live up to expectations. Embrace the reality of our situation.
  • Food and Groceries (see below)
  • Diapers – We are starting with over a full box of diapers.  We will not make it through the whole  month with this supply. Diapers = necessary
  • We have a full  pantry of brew your own pantry beer/wine stock (as I said hardly suffering)!
  • We aren’t eating canned beans. We have made paninis and fries, ham and veggies, pizza, a “chop” salad with ham, eggs and cheese. Yum!  Muffins and granola bars for snack times at play dates. This really is not suffering or sacrificing!

The Grocery Trip – The Return of the 2-week Grocery Cycle

Due to January No Spend Month, I decided it would be helpful to get back on track and only grocery shop every 2 weeks (aside from an emergency stock up on bananas if required and of course milk would be permitted)!

It should not be an issue since I have tried to meal plan 14 meals and have a few items on hand for unexpected lunch or dinner guests. We have people over quite often and I want to continue to do so. I also made sure to have baking supplies to make cookies, muffins or homemade granola bars for snack times or desserts.

The basic shopping list looked something like this:

12L of Milk
14L of Rice Milk
36 eggs
2 bunches of bananas
4lbs of appples
3 loaves of bread (more can be made if necessary)
2 bricks of cheese
10lbs of carrot (soup)

several pantry items
such as:

chickpeas (hummus)
tomato sauce
diced tomato
raisins/chopped nuts/sunflower seeds/dates
gluten free mixes to bake and freeze muffins and brownies for younger son

Grand Total = $199.48

*I will need to buy gluten-free bread at the local bakery when they have more available since I keep FAILING at making it! It has the worst consistency! The potato and rice flour bread available at our local bakery/deli is much more palatable.*


  • Walmart had a big organization sale with totes and storage containers for $5. I would have loved to stock up…
  •  My back hurts. I thought about booking a massage. Is it still spending if you get re-imbursed through health coverage? Update: It was hurting to breathe. Chiropractic and Massage Appointments $116 less health coverage and health spending account savings = $0 from monthly budget.

Let’s hope this isn’t too painful!

Sarah & Family

Note: A couple of incidents of outside of our house spending occurred that indeed helped us.

Thank you for the gifts of powerade & gingerale that was dropped off to my sick husband from my mother-in-law. Very helpful since I did not have to drag all three kids to store including 2 sick ones.

Thank you Jina for a box of size six diapers!

Thank you Dawn for my coffee. No more Tim’s for the month…I feel that I cheated! xoxo


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