DIY – White “Rag” Wreath

I am having F*U*N making wreaths.

Who knew it could be so much fun?

My most recent project is a white rag wreath made from strips of fabric (upcycled Ikea curtain panel).


  • Wire Wreath
  • A white Ikea curtain panel that is no longer required.
  • Scissors

This project took approximately 1.5 hours since it is a rather large wreath.  Isaac has since requested a BLUE one for this room! I love how he is starting to appreciate my efforts and supporting my new hobby!


  • Assemble all materials.
  • Wash and dry fabric.
  • Using fabric scissors cut fabric into 1-2″ x 8-10″ strips.
  • Tie fabric into knots all the way around the wire wreath on the 1st and 3rd  wires. It is important to fit as many knots into each section of the wreath as possible for a full looking wreath.
  • Once you have filled 1/2 of the wreath tie a ribbon or twine to create a loop for easy hanging.
  • Continue tying fabric into knots until the entire wreath is complete.
  • Hang and enjoy!
Life with 3 - White Rag Wreath

Life with 3 – White Rag Wreath

photo (2)

This wreath now hangs in our kitchen eating area. Let’s hope the kids don’t throw their spaghetti tomorrow night at dinnertime!



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