{Simple} DIY Candles

We are almost finished the family room and I am dying patiently waiting to write a post.

In the meantime I have a couple of small cheap and cheerful DIY projects to show you.

To add to the rustic  charm of our mantle I wanted to use simple materials for candle holders.


  • old mason jars
  • white gravel (Dollarama) in the craft section
  • twine
  • tea lights

It is too easy to really explain all you have to do is dump the gravel into the jars and tie the twine around the top! Ta-DA!



I had an epiphany awhile ago that I am pretty simple. It doesn’t take much to make me feel happy. I want my home to feel comfortable and welcoming and I DO NOT have to wait until my kids are grown or I have more money (again when the kids are grown). All I have to do is try to create new things and if it doesn’t work then who cares? You have to try to know if it will or will not work!

I hope you enjoyed this incredibly simple DIY!

Happy Friday 🙂



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