DIY Fabric Wrapped Canvas

In my attempt to make my younger son’s room a comfortable and personal space I am FINALLY filling the walls with personal touches JUST FOR HIM!  He was already pointing and smiling up at his new wall art yesterday at nap time.   He is the sweetest, little boy so to make him happy, makes me happy.

My first project for his room was a canvas that said “Dream Big Little Boy” (here).

My second project is a fabric wrapped canvas. I found the fabric while shopping with my mom and decided it matched the colour scheme in his room perfectly.  I believe it was $11/yard?  We just could not leave it behind. I went to the dollar store and purchased two 16″ x 20″ canvases.  I fastened (with tape) them together.  I really should have taken more time on this step…but the kids were waking up from their nap SOOOOO I cut a corner!

Then I used my new favourite tool – my staple gun to wrap the fabric around both canvases.

My husband and I hung the art above his baby (don’t bother telling me he is a toddler…he is still my baby at 16 months!) crib.

The final product:


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