What do you think I am going to write about? Am I going to share a wonderful, hearty soup recipe?

Um no.  I am afraid not.

I want to write about feeding other people soup.  The thought of writing this post came to me as I struggled to feed two toddlers soup at the same time.

How was I going to do it? Position is key. I firmly planted my feet shoulder width apart in between the two high chairs. I fed one spoonful to each baby but by the time I turned to face the other one…the first one was crying. I had to move faster. I remained in position. I then started to swivel (very similar to passing a medicine ball to a friend at the gym). Max. Emma. Max. Emma. Okay we are in business!

My preschooler from across the table says “Mom I need HELP!”.

Me: “I am kinda busy (quite close to breaking a sweat)”.

Preschooler: “But MOOOOOOOOOOOM I can’t scoop the bottom”

Me: “Okay”. I move him closer to the babies and add him into the rotation (which he thinks is hilarious but I do not).

I look down at the soup in front of ME. It is cold. Silently, I swear to not serve soup ever again especially if I am alone because feeding soup to four people at one time is well…not relaxing.

Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Soup

  1. Hey Sarah,
    This made me think of a kid in my class last year who always brought Tomato Soup in his lunch in a thermos which are pretty narrow. He always drank it through a straw. It was one of those thick slushie sucker straws you get a Macs….the super wide straw. Anyway…just a thought that maybe that would help for Isaac. 🙂

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