On display

Being a mother quite often means that you are on display (and let’s be honest not too often “ready” for your glamour shot).  I don’t mean sitting pretty. I mean your acts are watched by EVERYONE including strangers.

Yesterday I took my older son out for a Mommy & Isaac date.  We did a couple of errands and went to Tim Horton’s for a treat. Nothing too exciting.  We even went to the dollar store. I was waiting in line to pay for my purchase (a paint with water book for my son) and the lady beside me says “its just Christmas every day now isn’t it?” as she looks down at my sweet (and naughty) little boy.  This woman was good. Her sarcasm and judgement hung in the air like she had just slapped me.

I reacted in a way that I wish I hadn’t. I defended myself and him.  I have NO IDEA WHY I felt compelled to explain my actions of buying him a $1 paint by water book. Really? I am sure that I could have taken him somewhere more extravagant or purchased something more flashy on our special 1:1 outing. She did not back down and muttered something in response.

As I told my husband what happened later that day I felt even more angry about defending my actions. The most annoying point is that I RARELY buy him anything without reason (this is the way that both Andrew & I were raised).  We were given gifts at holidays for the most part.  We agree with the philosophy!

It is just a reminder that people are watching and judging.  But is also a reminder: who the H*LL cares?

Have a good day & let’s be kind to the strangers we meet in our everyday life!


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