DIY Fireplace Demo – STAY TUNED

When we moved into this house we always knew we would have to “deal with” our dated wood burning fireplace.  The final decision is to keep it as a wood burning fireplace because you really cannot replace the feeling of having a wood fire especially during the holiday season.

We are going to knock out a lot of the existing brick and then cover what remains with a stone veneer. Wish us luck.

We are going to miss you 80s Fireplace! Just kidding!


1 Day Later:


A bit later…

To my husband’s dismay this project (like most) seems to have a trickle down effect. The fireplace leads to the walls to the trim to the curtains to the furniture! Yippee!  The reveal will have to occur over weeks or months as it will take us awhile to complete the family and living room transformation. 🙂  The goal is to have a great kid-friendly space to enjoy time as a family.



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