Home Decor on a Budget (Extreme Budget)

I have found a new passion. Home Décor and DIY Style. It is easy (or so I imagine) to browse magazines and then go to a big box store and purchase the drool-worthy items that grace the pages. I have a subscription to Style at Home magazine. Each month they compile a high/low comparison.  The same look with either a high or low-budget.

I am going to say this without being embarrassed.  There LOW budget is too HIGH for me!  I do not have $4000 to decorate a room.  The $4000 does not include a renovation, new floors, new windows.  It is simply the total for the curtains, the rugs and the furniture (not even the paint).

I do not live in that world right now.  I am more a $500 per room kinda lady.  The more that I think about how to accomplish a home that we love. The more excited that I am getting.  It takes creativity and patience to create a room on a shoestring budget.  It may not be filled with luxurious accents but it will have heart! Right?!

Below is a sample high/low vignette from Style at Home. Keep in mind this is only a vignette NOT a room with a cost of $3457 (high). Wowzer!


Thanks for listening to my wee rant!



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