To remember those you’ve lost

Do you have an object in your home that reminds you of a loved one?

I have a Country Style serving tray that reminds me of my great aunt fondly known as Aunt Betts.  My Aunt Betts and Uncle Frank lived close by to our home while I was growing up.  We would see them quite regularly and always at family functions and holidays.  They were positive and supportive and always so very appreciative to be a part of our large extended family (thank you Grandma Dorothy).

When I was small my mother would drop me off if she had to work or attend an appointment (I have NO idea how often this happened…not very often…) but it sticks out in my childhood memories so clearly.  We would sit in the shade of a tree behind their modest house on a picnic table.  My Aunt Betts would bring out a snack for my sister and I to “munch” on. I remember fruit and crackers and small coloured marshmallows. What luck! We would never have been given that at home on any random Wednesday!  I can almost feel the sun and the cool breeze as we would sit under the tree and chat. My Uncle Frank would be roaming around the back garden or puttering around in the basement.  The sounds of those afternoons were great too. The old radio playing talk radio – CBC? or the great oldies like Frank Sinatra.  They would tap their hands on their laps to the music looking content.

When my Aunt Betts passed away, five years ago I was fortunate enough to keep the Country Style serving tray.  The monetary value would not be much however the sentimental value is priceless.  On a daily basis I load up that old tray with the day’s lunch or dinner menu to cart over to the dinner table or out to the patio table.

What would my Aunt Betts and Uncle Frank think of their great-niece and nephews using their tray?!  It hurts too much to think about them not being able to meet all of the children that I and my cousins have had over the past five years (thirteen soon to be fourteen).  They would have LOVED to be a part of all of the chaos, laughter and love that being part of a big family brings.

We miss you Aunt Betts and Uncle Frank!


One thought on “To remember those you’ve lost

  1. Thanks for the remembrance of Aunt Betts, Sarah, but she really hasn’t left us in spirit. We still care and recall both of them, often, with love. She was a fun loving girl like us! Many happy memeories of laughter continue. Happy Thanksgiving to your family too. We will be at The Fair on Saturday with the grandkids, and turkey dinner at Shane’s the same day. I am making apple pie and the veggies, while Shane insists on doing the turkey. I hear you will be at your Mom’s for a feast! Lots of Love, Aunt Carol XXXOOO.

    Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 17:13:20 +0000 To:

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