Do you like to be prepared?

There is nothing like the feeling of being ahead of a “work” week. Granted I am not currently in the PAID workforce but I still like to prepare for the grind of the work week.

I sometimes feel like I am stuck in my weekly routine rut but what can I say? I love it. I like having my laundry done before the weekend. I like having my grocery shopping done before the weekend.  It would be nice to have the house cleaned as well (doesn’t always happen).

Last weekend I was ahead of the week.  I had done our weekly shopping at both the grocery store and the local fruit and vegetable stand that I frequent.  I came home and sliced and diced.  If my family has access to pre-washed and pre-cut up fruits and vegetables than they are more likely to eat healthy.

On the menu:

  • celery sticks
  • carrot sticks
  • washed grapes
  • cubed watermelon
  • a fruit bowl stocked with apples and bananas
  • a  bowl of field tomatoes ready for sandwiches, salads and fried tomatoes
  • basket of delicious peaches

Does getting organized for the week excite you?

Thanks for visiting.



One thought on “Do you like to be prepared?

  1. I totally get excited when my week is planned ahead of time! It makes everything go so much more smoothly and saves our family lots of time and money 🙂

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