Bedside Table #1

My slow, slow, slow master bedroom transformation has one more completed item: a nightstand.  My  husband now has the LUXURY of a place to put his alarm clock and lamp. You are welcome my love!

I literally found the nightstand on the curb.  My son was like “what are you doing? are you taking their dresser”?! I think I am already scarring him!  I was driving through our town and happened across a small table and figured “what the heck”.  I pulled the van over and loaded up the table.

The table is stamped The Robert Simpson Furniture Company aka Simpsons (read history HERE)

The Before:

The Steps:

  • Sanded
  • Primed with spray primer (grey tint)
  • Painted with LOOP Recycled Paint from Walmart $14/gallon in a premixed “Grey”

The After:

Have you found a delightful item on the curb?

It is a low-stress way to try a new project.  What do you have to lose?

Next…my nightstand/writing desk…

Thanks for visiting!



2 thoughts on “Bedside Table #1

  1. It looks amazing! I just picked up two matching nightstands that are currently bright yellow and bright blue with pokemon stickers all over. They have a great shape though and I think some paint will go a long way. Great job on the nightstand – thanks for the inspiration!

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