The Arrival

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The Arrival:

11:39 am – the arrival of Max weighing in at 6lbs 14oz

11:49 am – the arrival of Emma weighing in at 6lbs 9 oz

The date – August 6, 2011.

No matter how much you wish, hope, pray, silently demand that your labour starts the moment that it actually happens…you wish it wouldn’t! I had spent 38 weeks and 4 days waiting to meet my children.  I still feel a bit guilty that around 33 weeks that I was hoping they would come. I knew that I should not even think those thoughts but during those long days they would creep into my head!

From the start, I held onto the number 37.

37 weeks. Hang on until 37 weeks.  It was the point at which 37 weeks passed that I started to have a panicky feeling in my gut.  How much longer?! How big will they be? What will labour be like a second time?  Will they be healthy? Will I have a C-section?

My water broke at approximately 2:30 am on Saturday morning. I sprung out of bed and woke my husband.  I ran into our guest room to wake my mom (she was in town waiting for their arrival)!  We called my  mother in law to come over to take care of Isaac. AND nothing happened…we were waiting for three hours and then the contractions came hard and fast.  I could hardly breathe by the time we arrived at the hospital.  I quickly remembered the feeling of labour.  Labour is the right name for it! 😛

My children were born10 hours after my water broke.  A relatively short labour to endure.  Welcome Baby Max! 10 minutes later…Welcome Baby Emma!  The adrenalin rush was unreal. Only two to push out?! C’mon! I could do it again (but thankfully I don’t have to)!

Max arrived first. He was a healthy 6lbs 14oz.  He let out a cry immediately and so did I.  There was a small moment right after his birth that I thought “ah the relief” STOP WAIT again? I have to do that again?!  Emma arrived ten minutes later with her chubby face all scrunched up.  I was too shocked to cry!  I was expecting two babies (obviously). But it was something different to finally deliver two babies!

The beginning of our lives together as a family of five. Life could not get much better (or more difficult depending on the time of day)!

We are so lucky.



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