Twin Pregnancy PART TWO

How did I feel when I found out I was having twins (read PART I)!

Once the news of our bundles of joy finally sunk in (and it did take a while).

I made it my part-time job to arrange the midwife, the OB, blood test and ultrasound appointments.  I had to coordinate all of these appointments with my full-time job. I was starting to feel that staying healthy may be difficult with my busy job.  I was quickly noticing that my body was plagued with fatigue…I would start to swell if I stood too long…and oh the nausea and vomiting (similar to my first pregnancy).  I quickly noticed that my baby bump was not so little! I was starting to get worried!

During my 28th week of pregnancy my midwife decided to take me off work. I had a couple of instances of contractions + I was getting quite uncomfortable (read: in pain) and it was decided by all involved it was for the best.  As I started my second week home from work I realized that things were going down hill and fast. I started to need more help than I cared to admit. I was finding my son exhausting. I could hardly bend over.  If I bent over then I would get dizzy and almost faint.  I was frustrated!

Near the end I had a couple of days of full bed rest (not doctor ordered but self ordered…I knew that when I started to sweat from the pain when I went to stand up that I had better just stay down).  I hope I don’t sound like a complainer but I was miserable. I was not only overrun with pain but I was worried. How the HECK am I supposed to birth TWO BABIES? In the same day! HOLY SH*T

I luckily had family to help especially my mother and my mother in law to help us with our household and Isaac. My husband took over many of the tasks that I used to. I would rest, rest and rest. I thought it would be enjoyable but the back pain was unbearable.

I often try to conjure up the feelings of that time period and I can’t quite go to the place in my mind. I remember desperation.  I remember looking at my husband with tears in my eyes and wishing he could make it better for me! I was so excited but I was having a difficult time.

What I loved and still cherish are the hours of movement. My belly rolling up and down from their movements, the hiccups, the kicks (I now believe that was Emma)!  She is feisty.  I loved knowing that I was always close to my two little babies.  I loved the anticipation of all of the love and happiness to come. What a great feeling!

A pregnancy in numbers:

  • 12 ultrasounds
  • 13 midwife & OB appointments
  • 38 weeks pregnancy
  • 50-60lbs gained
  • 13.44 lbs of baby
  • 2 babies

What does it look like to carry twins (I have been asked for pictures)? Take a deep breath. EEK I cannot believe I am posting this…I really cannot believe I am posting this but…what can you expect when you have two babies in your belly?!

The arrival of our precious children and what I can only imagine will be one of the proudest, most overwhelming, emotional and relieving moments (or ten) of my life.

One year ago August 6, 2011 we were lucky enough to become the parents of Max and Emma (see the next post)!

STAY TUNED for “The Arrival”

Thanks for visiting!


ps. Thanks to my mom for all the pregnancy photos (especially the one near the melons at the grocery store)! HAHA! As if I wasn’t standing out enough at that point :)!


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