Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

In my previous post about my rope lamp (read here) I mentioned that I am slowly and cost-effectively updating our master bedroom in order to make it into a place that I can call my own.

My husband has taken over our basement, our workshop and the garage. He truly deserves to have those spaces (I am not complaining…and let’s be honest I don’t want to hang out in the garage HA)!

I would like somewhere that I can read and write in a place that I find comfortable. I enjoy being on our main floor of our home but as of late I spend A LOT OF TIME on the main floor with the kids.  It is nice to change it up every once in a while!  We have been in our home for two years and I keep waiting for “enough” time and money to update our bedroom. I might be waiting a long time so I decided to throw out my previous notions of what I needed in a bedroom  and do my best to make do with what I had.

So I set out to create a small gallery wall for our bedroom on a tight, shoestring budget.

I began by collecting items…

  • Letter “S” stands for SMITH ($3)
  • Mirror ($1) – garage sale find – repainted in glossy white

  • Picture Frame ($0) – removed an old photo and repainted in glossy white

  • Small Picture Frame (10¢) – garage sale find and repainted in glossy white
  • Sunburst Mirror DIY($1) – see following post for detailed instructions

  • Oval Mirror ($1) – garage sale find and repainted in glossy white

Bedroom Gallery Wall:

Note: Lamps are simply posing in the shot…not intending to stay!

DIY SUNBURST MIRROR (read about the post HERE)

Freshly painted oval mirror over my husband’s dresser (note: closet doors are required…don’t look to the left)!  I prematurely made Andrew rip them off the hinges because I did not like them. OOPS.  Ever feel like no doors are better than ugly doors that do not shut properly?

Well it is a start?!

I have a few “things” on the wall and a pair of lamps. I need to get my butt moving on the night stands. Maybe after our vacation…

Thanks for visiting.



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