Homemade Baby Wipes

I make my own baby wipes. I never never never intended on doing this when I was first pregnant with Isaac.

I was gifted a home-made batch of baby wipes from good friends of ours Michelle and Troy Smith (I think Michelle made them…just sayin’).  My husband and I (being new parents) were thankful but unsure of the pros and cons.  We were clueless to most parent-related things at that time!

When our son was born we brought him home to his nicely appointed nursery.  A stack of diapers. Check. A brand new container of baby wipes. Check. Bum Cream. Check.  We changed his diaper a few times. A scary experience in the best of times and within a few days his bum was red. Uh-oh!  We gave him “air time” and soaked his bum. We were freaking out because we had only had him a couple of days and already there was an issue?!?!

I realized that I had a nice container of homemade baby wipes in his (very neat) closet in the nursery. I opened the bin and from that point on I have never used (unless in a pinch) a commercial baby wipe again. I am not saying there is anything wrong with those. I am not preaching BUT I love the homemade wipes.  They stay wet. They do the job. We never had another issue with his booty again!  They are also easy to make extra wipes while on vacation because the ingredients are basic.

The Recipe:

*3 Cups of Boiling Water

*3 Tablespoons of Baby Oil

*3 Tablespoons of Baby Soap

*3 Tablespoons of Baby Lotion

*Mix all ingredients together.  Pour over a roll of paper towel and let it soak in.  Cover the container and use as needed.

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Note: you must purchase a good paper towel for example: Bounty works great.  Or else it is a mess! You can also cut the paper towel in 1/2 for ease of use however I have always found this a pain in the BOOTY!


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