Au Naturel – Rope Lamp DIY –

When I purchased our new to us dresser ($20) from a sweet lady on Kijiji she asked me if I would like to accept two free lamps with my purchase …um YES! Okay they are really quite out of date with a floral pattern and a brass bottom.  I can change that. I like their shape. They are substantial.

I am in the middle of the cheapest …uh…I mean least expensive master bedroom re-decoration in the history of master bedroom re-decorations. I asked my husband. What is my budget? He pretty much said “ZERO”. Well, honey that is not realistic…we’ll see…

Back to my kick-ass lamps!

The inspiration:

West Elm Round Rope Lamp (here)

Pottery Barn Rope Table Lamp (here)

Rope turned into a kitchen bowl -Pinterest (here)


Nautical Inspired Decor (here)


The Before:

I had the idea that I would paint them glossy white. I did not like the look and/or the finish so I then decided on recovering the entire lamp bases in rope.

The supplies that I needed:

  • Sisal Rope (lots – 100′ per lamp base)
  • Hot Glue (lots)
  • Patience (lots)
  • Lamps
  • 2 x lamp shades

The After:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are going to flank our bed in our master bedroom.

The next project to tackle…the night stands…

Oh and “honey can you build me a headboard in your spare time?”! 😛

Thanks for visiting!



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