Packed up and all ready to go to…the backyard

It is HOT today. Sweating at 8am in the morning is not a good sign.  The babies, my son and I were all cranky.  I had to get out of here.  I packed them all up to go to Walmart.  It was a destination.

We came back feeling refreshed from our outing.  I decided I would take them outside.  It shouldn’t be a big task.  I mean the backyard is right outside the patio doors. How difficult could it be?

Keep in mind, it is not safe to leave a baby by a pool (DUH) even if it is a small, paddling pool so I had to be extra diligent and strategic (they don’t call me a house manager for nothing)!

The steps

  • Mom packs up lunch (crackers/cheese/celery/2 x sippy cups/water jug/applesauce with spoons and bowls)
  • Mom packs up diapers/wipes/change of clothes x 3/swim suits/bathing towels
  • Mom packs shoes for the boy who runs
  • Mom packs telephone & cell phone
  • Mom packs allergy medicine just in case Max breaks out in hives

Next take all of the supplies outside:

  • TRIP 1 – take out laundry basket filled with supplies
  • TRIP 2 – take out booster chair attached to chair
  • TRIP 3 – repeat for 2nd chair
  • TRIP 4 – let Isaac and the dog into the backyard
  • TRIP 5 – RUN (they are crawling around at this point) back in the house to pick up first baby and take out (strap into booster chair)
  • TRIP 6 – RUN back in the house to pick up the second baby and bring her outside (strap into the booster chair)
  • Fill up the pool, set out the lunch for the kiddies & enjoy!
  • Pack up and head back inside to cool off, feed babies and get them down for a nap

HOLY SH*T I was sweating my butt off. This is hard work! I wonder how many calories I burned?!

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Packed up and all ready to go to…the backyard

  1. What a great post, and a picture that’s worth a thousand words!
    You know that I’m always…. well, mostly….. available with an extra pair of hands whenever you need me!

  2. Hi Sarah I think you deserve a medal. Do you think one day you will look back and say those were really good days………….

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