Light Up Your Life

This post is about a Lamp DIY Project that has taken me WAY TOO LONG to complete.

Awhile ago I purchased a pair of “ugly duckling” bronze lamps with dirty, “white” (not anymore), pleated lamp shades.  They must have been nice in 1984.  I purchased them at a consignment shop in town in the back section called the “red dot” section meaning the cost will be 1/2 off the last ticketed price. Perfect. The cost was $11.25 for the pair. This way if I completely wrecked them…who cares? It seemed like the right price to experiment.

In Novice Blogger-Style, I forgot to take a before picture. Here is an example of how my lamps looked before…**Not my actual lamp**

To turn my lamps from disaster to beautiful…I had to…

  • Remove the lamp shades
  • Sand the entire lamp bases
  • Prime the lamps using spray paint primer
  • Apply a top coat of glossy grey spray paint
  • Purchase new lamp shades from Ikea to modernize the look
  • Enjoy………….BUT WAIT… shades were not large enough….

See the almost finished product below. The lamp shades look way too small.  I still love the look of the lamp base and was quite pleased with the transformation.

I dug out the original, pleated shades and carefully (actually not very carefully ripped off the pleated part to reveal a smooth discoloured shade underneath). I decided I would try my hand at recovering the shade. This is where the project fell off the tracks. I am not crafty!

The next phase…

  • Purchased 2 pillowcases from Dollarama in a Grey & White scheme
  • Used a stitch ripper to take the pillowcases apart
  • Traced a template using Lightning McQueen colouring pages (Don’t tell Older Son. It was the largest paper that we had in the house) of the lamp shade
  • Ironed the fabric
  • Cut the fabric based on the template
  • Use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the lamp shade (this was crazy difficult)
  • Repeat steps on the second shade (UGH)……………..SCREECH TO A HALT! This is NOT working. I am going to cut my losses! I plan to purchase a larger lampshade from Ikea next time I have time to make the trek.
Lesson 1: know when to cut your losses and STOP.
Lesson 2: I need to invest in proper fabric scissors! It would make a job like this SO much easier.
On the bright side I have TWO more lamp projects on the go.  Transformations to come. Stay TUNED!

The lamps as they are today…

Thanks for visiting!



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