Our house is full of movement.

I have twins. No surprise. I am not sure why (well I know why) but in the past day or two it seems like I feel more and more like a mom of multiples (M.O.M). The pressure is building. I am breastfeeding multiples. I am preparing baby food solids for multiples and now…I am chasing multiples.

My twins who stayed on their blanket in the middle of the family room are gone. I think one is over by the stairs and the other one is tipping over the dog bowl. I hear the *slap*slap* of four tiny hands on the tile floor. I hear the *crash* of the bin of tea towels and wash cloths as it hits the floor. I hear the *clunk* of the video camera being pulled from the cabinet.  I am a mom to multiples.  They seem to be everywhere!

Let the games begin!

Let the cardio workouts begin (no gym required)!

I was dreading the day that they would crawl but my heart skips a beat at the sight of them as they follow each other and their big brother around the house.  They look proud. They look happy. What more could a parent ask for?



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