Kitchen Fireplace – Part One –

Ever wish you had a fireplace in the kitchen? I do.

I would love a fireplace in every room of my home.

To me, a fireplace is a sign of comfort, family and home. It reminds me of happy days in my childhood arriving home in a snow storm and having my mom and dad together with a roaring fire all ready for us to sit beside. I guess you could say it is nostalgic for me.  So…

While shopping at our local thrift shop…I spotted in the corner a basic, white fireplace mantel. I ran over…ripped the sticker off the mantel…and rushed to the cash register. I purchased the mantel for $40.  I had no idea where I was going to place this mantel but you have to act first and think later (sometimes).  I had to make arrangements to leave the mantel at the store because I had walked there & could not possibly have carried it home with the triple stroller.

Some inspiration photos below…

faux fireplace

A faux fireplace transformation

The “bare” mantel placed in our kitchen…

I will have to move the mirror now because the scale is off. I am already planning a sunburst mirror that I would like to make to hang over the fireplace. I am ahead of myself. Step 1: design the fireplace!  Any suggestions on how to make this the mantel of my dreams?

Stay Tuned for the finished product!

Thanks for visiting.



2 thoughts on “Kitchen Fireplace – Part One –

  1. I wonder if you built it out a little bit if you could either:
    1 – build shelves and add a slider door for extra storage of kids stuff or glasses etc that can be hidden by the doors
    2 – book shelf….thinking the books might take away from the mantel though which wouldn’t be good.

    Those are a couple ideas that popped into my head when I read this.
    Good luck!

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