Welcome to our nest…Entryway Chandelier (DIY)!

We have basic lighting in our house.  You know the kind…circle, flush to the ceiling, not too offensive, not too exciting.  I wanted something more but there is that thing called a BUDGET.  I am not embarrassed to say…my budget for home decor is not very big right now.  I/We have priorities.  What can you do? Buy a lottery ticket? Go back to statement #1. There is a thing called a budget and lottery tickets are not one of the approved expenditures as set out by the house manager (aka me or as Isaac once called me the house boss)!  He will make a good husband one day! :P!! [I think his daddy was coaching him]

This is the light in our entryway.

When I have a few minutes to myself (not too often) I like to run into a home consignment store in our town called Missing Pieces.  They sell used furniture on consignment for their owners.  It can be hit and miss like these stores usually are…The tags have an initial price then each month the item is reduced.  I found this brass chandelier.  I was planning on using it in our guest bedroom but I am not sure when we are going to paint/redecorate that room sooooo it is now an entryway chandelier.  It is brass (a little 80s).  It came with the five chandelier bulbs (bonus).  I like the scale of it. So I purchased it!



They sell a similar ones at Home Depot currently.

Home Depot (http://www.homedepot.ca/catalog/ceiling-lighting/169791). $87.96

Brushed Nickel 5-light Chandelier

Home Depot (Also available in brushed nickel in stores) $106

Americana Collection Antique Bronze 5-light Chandelier


I decided to spray my “fancy” new chandelier a metallic stainless steel finish (no trees were harmed while painting…note the cardboard protection)!


The actual installation of the light had a SMALL hiccup.  My husband must really love me.  He first says S **t and I know it is not good.  What? I ask (not really wanting to know).  But he hold me! The light hits the door!  We could have guessed.  I don’t know if I mentioned that everything we do in this house is RUSHED.  We had just put 2 of 3 kids to bed and our little girl was wailing beside us as we try and figure out how to hang the light! OMG.  I really wanted it up though.

I have learned in five years of marriage that when something doesn’t work he first says “it isn’t possible”. I leave him for awhile. And next thing I know he has figured it out.  I am getting to the point that I don’t even worry about it.  He always figures it out.  It may not look pretty.  It may not happen quickly.  But it happens (disregard the zip tie).


Brass Chandelier $30

Metallic Spray Paint $6

Total: $36

*Significantly less than a brand new light from a big box store & I have the satisfaction of having updated it myself!


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