hang out to dry

to hang out to dry (third-person singular simple present hangs out to drypresent participle hanging out to drysimple past and past participle hung out to dry)

  1. (transitive) To attachwashing to a clothesline to dry.
  2. (transitiveidiomatic) To abandon someone who is in need or in danger, especially a colleague or one dependent (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hang_out_to_dry).

This post is thankfully about number 1.

A family of five has a lot of laundry.  I have stopped counting the number of loads per week.  We have officially started the dreaded: POTTY TRAINING (see previous post) stage and yes that adds more laundry!  I would hazard a guess that I wash ten-ish loads per week.

With the change of season we decided to hang a proper clothesline off our covered porch.  Last year, we used an umbrella-style clothesline at the back of the yard.  Logistically this would not work for me. I would have to carry laundry + 2 babies to the back of the yard + Isaac would be running around.  Or I would have to leave the 3 of them unattended in the house in order to hang the laundry. Nope it won’t work.

My husband is a great “task accomplisher”.  He promptly figured out what materials we would require to construct our clothesline.  And viola! We now have a clothesline.

I have many, many memories of hanging clothes on our clothesline at the back of our family home.  My mother would make my sister and I hang countless loads of laundry (or so it seemed) out to dry.  The crazy part is my mom would continue to hang clothes on the line when it was FREEZING outside.

Problem 1: it hurt like H*LL to hang them up and…

Problem 2: it hurt like H*LL to take them off (and they were stiff and frozen from the cold air).  We would have to throw them in the drawer to unfreeze them!  I must admit I have no plans and no desire to continue hanging laundry in the colder months! Kudos to you mom!

Thanks for visiting.


Note: The garden shed is in the perfect spot! We really lucked out!



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