Diaper Fairy


We have entered into one of the most dreaded and worried about stages of early parenthood…POTTY TRAINING.

Last summer, we were doing pretty well and then 2 babies arrived to our home.  Our son reverted back to the NO POTTY mentality.  He would say things like I want you to change me.  I want my diaper. I am too little. I am a baby.  He was craving our attention.  We left it on the back burner and decided to not worry.  The trouble is he is a great communicator (about what he wants and does not want to do).  We felt he was ready.

My husband came up with the idea to explain to him that a diaper fairy (my husband also used a fairy to eliminate I’s “baba” or bottle) would arrive in the night to take away his diapers and in their place she would leave big boy underwear!  It is quite amazing!  She was even bright enough to leave night-time diapers for us to use ;).  He said: Oh okay.

The next morning we raced to the change table and sure enough there were underwear and night-time diapers left for our little, big boy.  He was amazed.  He was embarrassed about wearing underwear in front of his mommy at first (this surprised me considering he loves to streak around our house after bath).  A few minutes later… he was giving me a fashion show of his new undies!!

We have been potty training since last Saturday with a few accidents (unfortunately #2s).  We have even made tours of bathrooms around town.  I was impressed that he asked to use the washroom while we were away from home.

So far so good. We are on our way to having only 2 in diapers. Thank Goodness!  It is worth the endless bathroom visits, splashed washroom walls from aggressive hand washing sessions, balls of toilet paper in the toilet etc.

Proud Mama

As I was writing this post about our Diaper Fairy, I discovered another family who found potty training stressful and decided to appeal to the imagination of their three-year old son (http://www.maxandthediaperfairy.com/).  Maybe there is something to be said for just having a bit of fun and moving away from the textbooks!


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