Grocery Challenge


I created a challenge for myself.  Do not grocery shop for 2 weeks (1 cheat allowed – fresh fruit).

In a previous post, I wrote about our new membership to a farm share.  We have been enjoying our delivered meat, vegetables and eggs on a bi-weekly basis.  However there is still a need for grocery shopping.  I have also shared a couple of my experiences shopping with my children (I love shopping. I love my children. Shopping + Children = not my favourite)!

My challenge was to grocery shop for 2 weeks worth of food. Our typical pattern is to shop once per week. I make a meal plan and loosely stick to it.  But 2 weeks? Could I do it? From the beginning of the challenge I decided that at the end of the first week I could go to No Frills for 2 items: bananas and apples. We eat tons of them with little kids!

April 13 – Grocery Trip for 2 weeks worth of groceries = $126

April 20 – Grocery Trip (Bananas and Apples) $5.98! Woot Woot!

April 27 – We are allowed to grocery shop again. TODAY! Phew. The fridge is looking bare and we are out of milk and cheese. Isaac resorted to having rice milk in his cereal this morning.  We all have to make sacrifices!

The result:  

Successful. We had plenty of food to eat, entertained a few visitors and still have food leftover in the fridge. I am going to try it again. I felt liberated last week when I knew that I did not have to make a big, grocery trip.  Granted the farm share delivery helped us achieve this goal when fresh eggs and veggies were delivered ($18 (veg) + 2 dozen eggs ($9) should be added to the total).

Thanks for visiting.


ps. The babies are eating lots of solids now. They are starting to eat finger foods like bread (GF for Max), little pieces of banana and even had French Toast today!  We may have to increase the food budget to accommodate a family of FIVE eaters now.


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