My husband turns the BIG 3-0 this coming weekend!

I on the other hand do not turn 30 for several (alright only seven more months).

He is positive that he will not be having a mid-life crisis (maybe that happens later on). He did mention that maybe we could buy a Porsche in ten years. I think that seems like a mild case of the “mid-life” crisis.  He had better not freak out. We have way too many responsibilities and I need him!

This weekend we plan on having a few people over …no big bash this year. It may have something to do with our little blonde hair sweethearts sleeping upstairs. C’est la vie!

I do have a dream though and I hope it comes true. I would like to jet off somewhere in the fall to celebrate our 30th birthdays together (along with our fifth wedding anniversary).  I think we can. I think we can.  We better start saving our pennies now! 😉

To my husband on his birthday. I know that I do not say it enough (or at all).  I really appreciate all that you do for our children, myself and our home.  You tirelessly (with minimal complaints) plow through the list of daily “to-dos” that really never ends.  We appreciate you. Thank you for being the best husband that I could have hoped for.  Thank you for being a daddy that I/M/E can be proud of and look up to. We love you and we wish you a Happy Birthday.



One thought on “My husband turns the BIG 3-0 this coming weekend!

  1. Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful Son in law. Thank you for taking such good care of Sarah and my sweet little Grandchildren! Make some time for you on your Birthday weekend. I am bringing some special thing to eat! : )

    love MOM

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