DIY Scrabble Coasters

Andrew and I got married way back in 2007. We have never owned coasters. Why? I am not really sure. It never seemed to be a priority to go out and buy coasters!  I read a blog awhile back about DIY Scrabble Coasters (again, I do not claim to come up with these DIY projects…).

One day I was out shopping at our local thrift shop in town.  As a side note: it is the perfect distance from my house to walk 20-25 minutes with a double or triple stroller (depending who is with me) warm up inside the store and then walk back home.  As an added benefit I can find neat odds and ends for our home.  On this particular occasion I found two complete sets of Scrabble. I knew that I wanted to attempt making coasters.

An example of Scrabble Coasters on “Domestic for Dummies” is below.

Once I had my “new” Scrabble games in hand. I needed supplies. I had to purchase a glue gun, glue sticks, cork boards and a clear coat protective spray.  I stole Andrew’s box cutter from the garage to cut the cork to size (and I did not put it back 😛)!

The first set of coasters that I made are for our main floor. The theme somewhat corny (oh well) using the words LOVE/LIFE/HOME/FIVE (family of…).   Unexpectedly Older Son has taken an interest in my coasters or as he calls them his “letters” or his “library books” and has hidden them throughout the house. We are back to one coaster now.  If you come over…finders keepers.

The second set of coasters are for the “man cave” and they are almost directly taken from other, more experienced bloggers and have a drink theme.

Making coasters = hard work. I need a glass of wine hehe JK!

The cost of this project.

Scrabble Games – $2 x 2 = $4

Glue Gun =$10

Glue Sticks = $6

Cork Tiles = $2

Protective Spray = $4

Grand Total = $26 for two sets of coasters (although I have a glue gun + a GIGANTIC bag of glue sticks + the left over scrabble tiles and cork)

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