Learning How to Eat to Live not Live to Eat

After my post “No Wheat? Now What?” and the realization that Younger Son could not be exposed to wheat, sugar, dairy, chocolate on and on and on…I embarked on a journey of self-discipline. I am not even sure that you can call it self-discipline especially when you realize that your actions will impact one of your children.  It changes things.  If I had to give up all of these foods for myself I honestly do not think I would have lasted one day. I have lasted one month (I made a mistake 3 weeks ago and had a slice of pizza and a beer).  I am only human :P.

Eliminating wheat and sugar from my diet has dramatically improved his mood.  He used to cry constantly throughout the day and now we enjoy his wide smiles and belly laughs.  The hunger pains?? Worth it!

Breastfeeding twins has always been a challenge.  I remember in the first couple of weeks silently thinking “How on earth am I going to pull this off”?!  I remember saying to my poor husband “You don’t understand”.  I remember the many, many nights of less than a couple of hours of sleep.  When I look back at where we were seven months ago and how far we have come…I have gone too far to give up now. I can do without bread and cheese awhile longer.

My current struggle now is that I am losing too much weight.  11 pounds last month! The decrease in food and the demands of feeding two growing babies…  I am learning new alternatives (a big thanks to my mother-in-law MIL for  dropping off GF (gluten free) Almond Loaf (I ate the whole thing in two sittings) as well as the Potato Bread (finally bread with a normal consistency). Thank Goodness.

A lesson that I have learned over the past month that food really does not matter as much as I thought. I am fine. I am happy. My kids are healthy and happy.  Do I miss all the foods that I used to eat? Absolutely. Will I eat them again? Absolutely.  But I also realize that in a few months time similar to looking back at having newborn twins the memory will fade and all of this will be worth it.

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Any GF suggestions…please send forward!


One thought on “Learning How to Eat to Live not Live to Eat

  1. Only a few more months and Younger Son will be an independent eater, and you can indulge yourself with grilled cheese sandwiches, a frosty beer, all topped off with chocolate ice cream….. I bet you just can’t wait!
    Meanwhile, you’re doing an amazing job. Thank goodness for the potato bread.

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