A place for everything and everything in its place

I will be forever thankful that last year March 2011 that we decided to convert our then dining room into a laundry room/powder room/mudroom.  I could NOT imagine surviving these past seven months without a “catch-all” place to store the two car seats, three snow suits, six + pairs of tiny mittens not to mention the TEN plus loads of laundry that I have been washing each week.

I plan to post a before and after on our dining room turned laundry room. I have a few more items to “complete” the transformation…

When we were designing our new laundry room I had this vision of a cute bench and hooks above…my mom, Gamma found a red bench at Homesense which fit the space PERFECTLY.  We hung five hooks above the bench with the idea that each family member would have their very, own hook.  PERFECT.  I wanted to take it a step further (I still have more organizing to do…) and I found these cute bags.

Did I mention the chaos of winter clothing? I have baskets and totes all of which are meant to hold each child’s clothing (nothing is working). I decided I needed one more method.  I then took craft paint (again…Dollarama) and painted with a stencil each child’s initial. I/M/E.  I must be honest. I do not know if I ever intended on using these bags to hold their belongings. I love the idea of personalizing our new mudroom with their beloved initials (I know I know…over-emotional mother)!

Older son…

Younger son…

Baby Girl…

The three musketeers…!

Stay Tuned for our Dining Room > Laundry Room Post (this may take awhile…)! Just being realistic :P!

Thanks again for visiting.



One thought on “A place for everything and everything in its place

  1. All the trials and tribulations of relocating the laundry and washroom and enlarging the kitchen/dining area were well worth the money, time and effort! And it was lovely to have you all come and stay for a while, during the messiest part. Sarah Richardson would be proud of you!

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